Scratch Programming PLD

Scratch is a unique programming language and environment that enables young people to create and develop their own games, stories and multimedia projects.

The software can be used to teach programming principles through the use of blocks that can be connected together to develop scripts. It is quick and easy to pick up and is suited for students of all ages and abilities.

Workshop Activities

The workshop focuses on designing and implementing an exciting and engaging learning programme aligned to NZC Digital Technologies, for students in years 6-8 and can include any of the following areas depending on your requirements:

  • Introduction to Scratch
  • Activity design
  • Topic alignment
  • Literacy alignment
  • Numeracy alignment

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The following Scratch project is an example of work by a Year 7 student for Science Fair 2012.

For more examples please visit The Science Fair 2012 Studio.

Lauren’s Awesomest Experiment Instructions

To start the experiment press the space bar

When you see “This is what happened after one day” press each arrow key in turn on your keyboard.


The rest plays automatically. Enjoy!