Teacher PLD

The format for these workshops is particularly suited to CoLs and will support Achievement Challenges centred around improving Digital Fluency so all ākonga are digitally fluent by year 10.

Workshop 1: What is NZC Digital Technologies?

NZC Digital Technologies is learning about computers and computing and compliments the work your school may have done through the ICT PLD and Learning with Digital Technologies contracts. The workshop explores the new NZC Digital Technologies and unpacks the strands so that you will have a comprehensive view of what the new subject is about and insight into the significant impact that the teaching and learning of this subject will have on your learners and your school community.

Supporting teaching and learning material and hands-on workshops are available. Please enquire to discuss your school or CoL’s needs.

Workshop 2: Use the Raspberry Pi to teach NZC Digital Technologies


  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi and its components
  • Programing (using Scratch GPIO and / or Python) and Simple Circuits
  • Introduction to Networking with the Pi

This is a hands-on practical one-day workshop that introduces core concepts of using the Raspberry Pi for the teaching and learning of NZC Digital Technologies. This workshop can be further broken down into two days to combine the practical training with teaching and learning materials so that you can hit the ground running with a complete approach when you get back to the classroom.

We also offer learner workshops.

Workshop 3: Programing with Scratch

Scratch is a programing environment especially developed by MIT so children can learn to code. Children as young as 7 or 8 years can learn to create their own scripts and make exciting and imaginative projects.  The environment is such that as children develop their skills and knowledge it is possible for them to create increasingly complex programes that can take them through to Level 1 NCEA.

For more information see our Scratch Programing page.

This is the latest Scratch project from theamazing _scratchera former Computer Club member who is now doing NCEA Digital Technologies at High School (2 years early).

Bespoke workshops in this space are also available.  Please enquire.