Raspberry Pi

With the Raspberry Pi it’s possible to teach all the new strands of the NCZ Digital Technologies.

hubpix_17The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little device that is capable of teaching big ideas.

Not only is it a computer that can be programmed it comes with GPIO pins that can be connected to any Technology project you might think of.  It can be used by children and adults alike and nurtures creativity, teamwork and higher order thinking skills.

Explore the possibilities in 2017 to get a head start for when the new curriculum comes in…

Hands-on Workshops

The workshops on offer are low key and fun and geared towards exploring the possibilities of Raspberry Pi in Junior Digital Technology (years 6-10).

Student Hands-On Workshops

The Raspberry Pi is not just a pocket sized computer. It comes with special pins called GPIO – General Purpose Input, Output pins.  These pins are special because it allows for the connection of physical components to the Pi.  These components can then be controlled through the Pi using programming.


The workshop activities offer a gentle introduction to these principles – offering a new dimension to computing that your students may never have seen before…

The Activities Include:
Getting to know the Pi
Introduction to simple circuits
Connecting circuits to the Pi’s GPIO
Controlling circuits with simple programming using Scratch GPIO and / or Python.